Bond Back Cleaning Bentley, Western Australia

Most lease agreements insist your carpets are professionally cleaned before you vacate the property. Organise a professional rug cleaner to arrive the day before you hand the keys back to your landlord / agent (and keep a copy of the invoice). If your lease is up and its time to move, then we could help! The boxes, the packaging, the realisation that you own more “stuff” than you ever believed possible all contributes to feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.

The end of your rental is approaching and you are about to move?

We’re professional experts when it comes to end of lease cleaning in Perth, our experience in the cleaning industry enables us to know the demands of your property manager, they wish to get the property in the condition in which you received it in.

We’re a one stop service for all your end of lease cleaning solutions.

We Provide comprehensive bond cleaning service.

When booking your bond cleaning consistently be sure you are getting value for the money.
Let our professional and friendly team take care of your Home Cleaning. Reliability is what we are all about.

Agents and Landlords now anticipate high quality cleaning of properties to make certain that a tenant receives their deposit and a constructive and favorable referral for your future.

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