Bond Back Cleaning South Guildford, Western Australia

Complete cleaning of every room. Scrubbing cupboards and drawers. Removing marks off doors and walls. Tracks cleaned out. Switches and fans cleaned. Internal windows cleaned. Vacuuming stairwells and carpets. Lease checklist items for bond return. If you’re searching for a reliable and trustworthy cleaner then look no further. Our services include bond, end of lease and exits cleans.

The end of your lease is approaching and you are about to move?

We know that moving can be costly, particularly in Perth. That’s why we provide our superior end of lease cleaning services at a really fair price. If you are moving and are at the end of your leasing or at the Real Estate business & have tenants coming and going we are individuals to perform the closing clean.

Moving can be an extremely stressful and arduous task.

Do not stress about your big move or getting your bond back.

With specialist cleaning, you can be certain you will receive your deposit/bond back, unless you have damaged the property in some manner.

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