What every tenant should know about moving and cleaning.

As you load your last box into the moving truck, your hard work is not done yet. Prior to your relocation can be complete, it is important to thoroughly clean your home or apartment to pass inspection with your landlord or the new owner of your dwelling.

For this reason, having a moving home cleaning program is very important to remain organised and clean efficiently after relocation.

We’re very familiar with all the things Property Managers inspect and want to see cleaned. In addition, we work closely with Managers if they have specific concerns or wish us to clean from a given list.

Moving house is a really stressful time … and if you are moving out of a rental home, you have the extra stress of having to step up to unstated and equal standards so as to receive your bond money back. Simple End Of Lease Cleaning provides you the confidence of getting 100 percent of your bond money back, with 0% of the work from you!

MOVE OUT CLEANSMove Out and Exit Cleans

If you’re looking for a bond clean, exit clean, end of lease clean, pre-sale clean, pre-purchase clean or spring clean then you’ve come to the right location! Our Lease Cleaners are experts in what we do because we specialise in the region of end of lease cleaning.

Because we have a reputation for excellent benefits, another often requested service is to go in and finish a clean that some other cleaner has not done correctly.

If you have finally decided to move out of your current home it is time that you think about getting back your whole bond amount that’s almost equivalent to a month’s rent. But to get the entire bond amount back you will need to hand over the home in a spic and span condition to the house owner or the property manager who only on full satisfaction shall return your whole bond amount or they’re going to deduct some of it.

Preparing your house of an End of Lease Cleaning in Perth it takes you around five days of your time, so in the event you cannot afford to take time of work, we provide professional End of Lease/vacate, moving out or bond cleaning services in Perth in just one day. We guarantee that every detail of your cleaning in Perth will be taken with care so that you don’t need to worry about forgetting anything.

The first step in home cleaning before you proceed house is to adhere to some specific cleaning regulations set in place by your body corporate, landlord, or realtor.

Based on what was stipulated in your lease, you may be asked to steam clean the carpets, clean your oven, or even hire a professional cleaning service to do the work and show receipts as proof of work done.

We provide our customers a complete FIXED PRICE cleaning service so you never have to guess what it will cost you. We bring everything required to complete the service and you are not required to provide anything other than power and water.

The end of lease cleaning takes care of meticulously cleaning all corners of the living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry which cover all details like electric appliances, windows, mirror cleaning, floors, door knobs, light switches etc. that would surely satisfy your premises owner to return your full bond amount back.