Get a professional Rental Cleaner!

Alliance Cleaners specialise in end of lease cleaning in Perth and surrounding areas like Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland, Rockingham and Mandurah in WA. It can be tricky to complete on your own, that’s when it’s time to call Our Home Cleaners for our specialist cleaning solutions. Our vacate rental home cleaning is value for money and we provide part cleaning services or a complete bond clean to be sure you get your whole bond back.

Are you looking for a vacate cleaning service for your property?

Whether you are a tenant, property manager or landlord you’ll find that the Vacate cleaning service from Alliance Cleaning thorough, and worry free so when the best is what you want with no ongoing hassle call us.

Rental CleanersOur bond cleaning for residential homes in Perth can be comprehensive where we wash the entire interior of the home plus exterior cobwebs, footpaths, patios and balcony. We guarantee our cleaning is thorough to the extent that we wash the front door entrance and work our way through the house to the back door. We will tailor the vacate clean to your requirements such as thorough house cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and carpet stain removal, windows cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and much more to create your property stunning.

What do we do?

We wash from the top down, cleaning any light fixtures or lovers, we de-cobweb the ceiling, wash the walls, wipe over the skirting boards, clean any light switches, doors and frames. We clean windows thoroughly including the framework, tracks, fly-wire and glass.

When supplying our rental bond cleaning service we often begin in the most used areas that need the most cleaning, like the kitchen and baths. We clean out the cupboards and wash the doors and spend time cleaning the oven and attempt to bring up it looking new again. We clean over every surface including any air vents, fans, light switches, tiles, splash-backs, stove and cook top. Once all the cleaning is complete, we finish by cleaning the floor so we do not have to walk over them. Our business is built on the strong principles of proving our clients with outstanding service and spotless cleaning practices. All of our work is by word of mouth and provide a 100\% satisfaction warranty.

With bathrooms we begin with the ceiling, fan and air vent, cleaning and washing them to remove dirt and mould. We then get to work cleaning the shower and tub, this is usually quite intensive cleaning as calcium and mould build up readily in bathrooms. We do our best to clean the grout using specialised cleaning agents and materials. Our vacate cleaning include a comprehensive and competitive selection of services. Unlike many companies we include window cleaning as standard and are extremely flexible with the services included in our vacate cleaning package. We can add and remove services on request enabling us to better suit your needs and budget. To get a written quote call or emailus.

Cleaning walls and windows can be a large job requiring time and energy to clean well. When the walls are marked badly throughout the home, we will need to dedicate a team of vacate cleaners to specifically wash over the whole walls, cleaning from room to room. The difference can be very astounding, usually it is a build up of grubby palms and nearer to the ground often you will find shoe scuffs. We work hard to try and remove all marks while keeping the original paint work. Our business is well equipped to take care of any sort of cleaning and as a client you have access to some of our services listed in our services section, be it rubbish disposal, carpet cleaning or even light gardening.

A full end of lease clean/ exit clean is our most frequent request. Often to complete this for a house it can occupy a considerable amount of your time. This time could be better spent doing the more important things like organising moving people and making sure the new house you are moving into is prepared and suitable for your arrival.