Rental Cleaning Ridgewood, Western Australia

We are dedicated in bringing you the best pricing for End of lease clean across Australia. No home cleaning job is too big or too little whether you need casual or basic cleaning as we tailor our solutions to suit your home cleaning needs.

Whether you need a full clean as you’re moving from a rental home and intending to get your whole bond back, or need a milder clean before you move to a brand new home, let us treat it all for you. We know that moving can be expensive; that is why we supply our premium bond cleaning solutions in a very fair price.

Are you moving to another home? Are you really going to another rental property? You may have sold your current property.
We pride ourselves on becoming the most competitive rates from the industry and we provide everything, all you need to provide are the keys.

If you are renting, it’s important to guarantee that your property is pristine in order to get your full bond repayment.

We deliver everything required to complete the service and you are not required to provide anything besides power and water.

We’ve got access to local cleaning contractors throughout the nation which have been helping our customers in geting their bond back by supplying budget, supeior bond cleaning solutions for ages.

Agents and Landlords now expect high quality cleaning of properties to guarantee a tenant receives their deposit back and a positive and favorable referral for your future.

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