Rental Lease Cleaning Maylands, Western Australia

The last thing you need to think about when you’re moving home is the cleaning. F you have a large family or a very busy home a weekly home clean is fantastic for you. Let our professional cleaners do what they do best, providing you a sparkling clean house every week you can be proud of.

Whether you will require a complete clean as you’re moving from a rental property and aiming into get your entire bond back, or need a milder clean just before you move to a new house, allow us to take care of it all for you. We know that moving can be expensive; that’s why we provide our premium bond cleaning services in a very fair price.

If you want to get your deposit back you have to impress your landlord, and end of lease cleaning is not an easy job.

Whether you are moving from your property, to a new property, if you’re leaving a rental or moving into a rental Our Cleaners in Perth can help you!

Looking for routine domestic home cleaning?

We provide our customers a complete FIXED PRICE cleaning service so that you do not have to guess what it will cost you.
Let our friendly and professional staff treat your House Cleaning.

Agents and Landlords now expect top quality cleaning of properties to guarantee that a tenant receives their deposit and a positive and positive referral for the future.

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