Vacate Cleaning Hocking, Western Australia

Complete cleaning of every room. Scrubbing cabinets and drawers. Removing marks off walls and doors. Tracks cleaned out. Fans and switches washed. Internal windows cleaned. Vacuuming carpets and stairwells. Lease checklist items for bond return. We provide high quality cleaning services at reasonable rates and supply customer expectations.

We are a local based and operated professional cleaning company in Perth WA and we only do quality jobs for our customers.
We have capable workforce of experienced cleaners who thrive on offering the best results while fulfilling all of the essential cleaning criteria.

Are you going to another home? Are you going to another rental property? You might have sold your present property. Regardless of the circumstance, you supposed to leave your current home in a clean and tidy state for new tenants or new owners of the home.

Let us take the hassle out of cleaning your home at the end of your lease.

We supply our customers a complete FIXED PRICE cleaning service so you never have to guess what it will cost you.

Regardless of if you are the property owner or a tenant, hiring expert end of tenancy cleansers is your best choice.

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