Vacate Cleaning Waikiki, Western Australia

If your lease is up and its time to move, then we can help! The boxes, the packaging, the realisation that you have more “stuff” than you ever thought possible all contributes to feeling overwhelmed, stressed and nervous. We offer end-of-lease / depart / move-out cleaning for both commercial and residential properties. Let us do the job of making as you get on with the job of moving your assumptions look good!

High excellent cleaning is likely from tenants when the property is vacated, and if this isn’t done then the landlord or agent may refuse to supply a fantastic reference later on or return the deposit provided for the rental property. We have got a competent workforce of experienced cleaners, who are tidy and neat, professional, love what they do and always thrive on offering the best results while fulfilling all the required cleaning standards.

There’s nothing better than walking into your home & everything is sparkling clean.

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