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Carpet Cleaning is an important part of the overall cleaning process as a dirty, stained carpet can stand out like a sore thumb.

If you are leaving a rental and need the carpet cleaned, then call us, our carpet cleaning specialists can make your carpet look it's best! We pride ourselves on providing affordable rates and we supply everything, all you need to supply are the keys.

We provide our clients a complete FIXED PRICE end of lease cleaning service so you know exactly how much it is going to cost you.

Agents and Landlords expect carpets to be cleaned before they do their final inspection to ensure the next tenant who rents the property can move in and start fresh.

 The Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Vacuum: Vacuuming the carpet is quite important to remove any loose dirt or particles before we start the process. We use an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.
  • Spot cleaning: We spray any stains in the carpet with  spotters which are used for specific stains. Inks and paints are removed using solvents while coffee stains and other organic stains are spot cleaned using different chemicals.
  • Pre-Spray: Carpet is then pre-sprayed with detergents and emulsifiers which help to break the bond between carpet fibers and different types of soils and dirt very quickly. Some soiling  require a pre-treatments, preconditioners, and/or "traffic-lane cleaners.
  • Agitation: This process is carried out depending on the state of the carpets. If the carpets are just lightly soiled, then this process is not required. For average and below average carpet soiling, carpets must be agitated using a rotary machine to isolate soils from the carpet after pre-spraying.
  • Hot water Extraction: We use a portable professional hot water extraction machines which have an inbuilt heater. This process involves rinsing of all chemicals and dirt isolated due to previous methods by spraying hot water at about 300 psi and vacuuming simultaneously.

So sit back and relax, while we clean your carpets for you. Call us now on 1300 34 64 26

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