Rental Cleaning Birchmont, Western Australia

If you are ready to vacate your home or you’re at the end of your lease it’s your responsibility as a tenant to clean out the property before you depart. Landlords and real estate agents will not provide your bond back unless the property has been thoroughly cleaned to meet the landlord’s satisfaction. We are a respectable home cleaning company with great online reviews.

Whether you need a complete clean as you are moving from a rental home and aiming to get your full bond back, or require a milder clean just before you move into a new home, allow us to treat it all for you. We know that moving can be expensive; that’s why we offer our premium bond cleaning solutions in a quite fair price.

Our cleaning solutions have a warranty so you know your deposit will be returned.

We provide professional cleaning services in Perth to help prepare your house for review.

Searching for regular domestic house cleaning?

Moving from a leasing home is stressful enough without having into be worried concerning the move out cleaning of the home and organising professional carpet steam cleaning.

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